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CutFour Pro 5.03 release notes

Please download latest retail version from our support page

Release 5.03 updated 26. March 2023
Please note! You have to reactivate application with new license tool (Licensetool.exe).
Use your existing CutFour Pro verison 4 or 5 serial number to activate full CutFour Pro or CutFour Pro
Sport feetures.

Applicationis now fully native assembly (NET7 main assembly with C++ libraries)
NDI library is now updated to version 5
Decklink API is updated to version 12
App activation tool is rewritten. Licensetool.exe need new activation with your serial number
Application does not require run as Administrator anymore
NDI 5.5 API library updated

Multi channel Slow Motion in/output points accuracy improved
Wrong Slow motion files play corrected
Video process does not start when 50/59.97P project settings is selected
Cutfour process does not exit correctly when using slow motion fixed

Release 4.69B 
Wrong Slow motion files play corrected
Video process does not start when 50/59.97P project settings is selected
Cutfour process does not exit correctly when using slow motion fixed
50P/59.97P 1080P and 50P/59.97P 720P Project format support for Slow Motion
NDI RGB with Alpha channel checkbox added to NDI steam selection input window. Use NDI RGB with optional Titler software like NewBlueFX Live titler or Live.Score
5 second faster application starting time 
FFMPEG updated to version 4.3.2
Lav Video Decoder settings window added to Settings Menu

Release 4.65 
Activation tool updated to compatible with new server

Audio preview path improved
NDI version 4.5 updated

Release 4.64
Audio Follow Video AFV added to audio mixer
Audio Mute added to audio mixer
Audio Monitor channel selector added to audio mixer
Newtek NDI API is updated to version 4.0

Release 4.62
MPEG4 35Mb/s 4:2:0 recording preset added
MPEG4 50Mb/s 4:2:2 recording preset added
Newtek NDI API is updated to version 3.8
FFMPEG updated to version 4.1.3
LAV Filters updated to version 0.74
Pip image does not play smoothly corrected
Release 4.61B
Visual Studio 2013 Runtime files added to installer. Fixes some installation problems.

Release 4.61
PAL 1080p50 and NTSC 1080p59.94 video formats added to Project Settings. PAL 1080p50 requires 3G-SDI
or compatible HDMI video capture/output cards.
Project video format added to menu strip
Slow Motion Player Kyboard Short Cut list updated. See Quick Start Manual.
Slow Motion Player video play start and do cut when left mouse click on Slow Motion Preview Window
Slow Motion Player video play and do transition when right mouse click on Slow Motion Preview Window
Fixed bugs in Slow Motion Player
Audio process improved
Video process pipeline improved

Release 4.54
DirectShow device NTSC video input start fault fixed
NTSC audio pipeline distortion fixed

Release 4.53
NVIDIA NVENC Hardware H264 Encoder GPU support added to video streaming. Supported Nvidia display is needed when NVENC Encoder is selected.
NVENC Encoder usage added to Quick Start Manual
Some audio pipeline fixes.

Release 4.51
Newtek NDI input feature is updated to NDI 3.7 version API calls. NDI audio input is now smooth and NDI stream scanning is better.
Updated Newtek NDI Tools Scan Converter usage updated to QuickStartManual.pdf
NDI audio input audio distotrtion fixed
If NDI input selected then color corrector is not available
Black source fault fixed when changing live input sources

Release 4.50
New internal web video streaming engine in version 4.5. High quality streaming engine with NVidia GPU support. Stream your video broadcast to any RTMP server like Youtube Live or Facebook Live.
FFMPEG is updated to version 4.1
Updated QuickStartManual.pdf

Release 4.15
More title template examples added
More title backrounds added
Default stinger transition animation image sequences added + one additional
Audio mixer VST plugin Open button open now default Avtake VST program folder. Copy your 64bit VST plugin dll files to it (C:\Program Files\Avtake\CutFour Pro\VSTPlugins\).
Newtek NDI API is updated to version 3.7
Critical: Remarkable enchange to Avtake Virtual video and Audio Source DirectShow devices. Works now with OBS and others without audio glitches.
DirectX Runtime file install fixed in installer

Release 4.11
Newtek NDI Updated to version 3.5
Quick Title Designer Application Updated
Decklink video out frame pixel faults in version 4.10 fixed
Quick Title Designer Layer error fixed

Release 4.10
Audio VST 2.4 (64bit) plugins support. Please note that VST plugins works only in PAL mixing modes (NTSC
moders not supported yet) and not all VST plugins are not compatible (just test yours).
- We recommend free George Yohng's W1 Limiter x64. Download it from here
MPEG4/AVC Program mp4 files recording (24Mbit and 10Mbit)
FFMPEG MPEG recording is updated to version 4.0
LAV video player codecs have updated to latest realease
New better application installer
Audio clitches issues
Pip flickering issue when used size 1 (full size) with cropping
Pip issues when used 720P50 project preset
Fix crash if no Blackmagic Design drivers installed

Release 4.053
FFMPEG MPEG recording is updated to version 3.41
Open Broadcaster streaming with NDI input info added to Quick Start Manual
Fixes: Player crash issue is fixed. Missing file from install from data

Release 4.052
FFMPEG MPEG recording is updated to version 3.4
Audio not clean in some new processor setups

Release 4.051
Video Player save current clip time position to clip info.
Slow Motion Player Short Cuts changed (Right arrow = Play/Stop, Left arrow = New Clip)
Project saves when new Slow Motion clip is created
Slow Motion Preview window resolution lack fixed
Video Player fixed to start play smoothly
Audio preview out fixed. (Bug in version 4.049)

Release 4.049
If NDI input signal include alpha channel source video is transparent. When you select NDI source with
alpha channel, preview video edges are green colored and NDI video is transparent.
NDI output signal is now progressive if project format is progressive.

Release 4.046
- Slow Motion Control Panel and Slow Motion Source Windows Added. One Source Channel Slow Motion is
included. Four Channel Slow Motion version Is sold separately. See Slow Motion Shortcuts From Manual.
Note that Slow Motion Replays works only in interlaced 1080i50 or 1080i59.94 project video formats.
- One Source Channel MPEG2 Recording is added (To Slow Motion Replays). Four Source Channels MPEG2
Recording is sold separately.
- Stinger transition added to transition selection menu. You have to load own image sequence and gradient
wipe image.
- Newtek NDI is updated to Release 3. CutFour API is updated to support NDI version 3.
- FFMPEG MPEG recording is updated to version 3.3
- Recording shows free space in used hard drive. Recording stops if disk space is less as 2GB.
- LAV video player codecs have updated
- Mute button added to main audio channel. If Windows default audio changes, you have to mute and
unmute to hear sound for new default audio device
- Fixed problem PiP image start flickering
- Fixed problem Video Player Time Code Show

Release 4.039
- Program Title Bar area minimized to get more room to video windows
- Added new MPEG2 video recording presets: 35Mbit YUV4:2:0 and 50Mbit YUV4:2:2
- Avtake Video virtual Video Device fixed to working with OBS streaming software
Release 4.038
- Fixed audio out in 720P project settings
- Fixed preview video windows resolution lack
- Fixed Avtake video and audio DirectShow virtual devices start problem if CutFour is not opened
- Fixed problem Cutfour process does not kill in application exit

Release 4.037
1. release
Avtake CutFour Pro support Newtek NDI streams (input and output). You will find free Newtek NDI tools
from Newtek NDI website
You can download Newtek NDI Studio Monitor and Scan Converter without installer (Just copy and run)
Mac users can download Newtek NDI tools from Mac Store.
Stinger Transition Examples
Her you can download some Stinger Transition Image Sequence and gradient image example files
You can download free Adobe Flash Live Encoder from here:


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